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Kona Marlin

A light Kona region blend that provides a wave of citrus for a bright and fresh taste of coffee.


Kona Reserve

A signature medium blend of Kona region beans that give a balanced harmony of boldness and acidity.


Kona Golden

A medium-dark Kona region blend of beans with bold acidity and notes of roasted nuttiness.


Kona Black Sand

A savory dark blend of Kona beans paired with a nutty, buttery and smokey roasted taste.


Kona Warrior

An innovative dark blend of Kona region beans with a bold, full-bodied and robust roasted taste.


Extra Fancy

Kona Haven’s representative single origin coffee with a good balance of sweet, sour, and the luxurious citrus taste of tropical fruit. Extra Fancy keeps the uprightness that protects Kona’s traditional coffee.



It’s important to note that the Kona Peaberry, specifically, is a special and rare bean handpicked from a farm in Hawaii. This bean gets its pea-shape because of its unique development— in only about 5% of the crop something remarkable happens; the two beans merge as one. 

Since it can only be harvested when it’s in season, Peaberry has a very limited availability. Making it the most rare of Kona Haven’s single origin coffee. 

Notes: Peaberry’s flavor is reminiscent of the sweet and sour taste of champagne.

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